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Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

Fires do not choose a time, nor place. With fire safety, there are steps to take to stay sharp and prepared in the stages prior and during the unfortunate event of a fire. 


Our electricians are fully trained all-year round, highly experienced, and knowledgeable with all of your concerns. As professionals, they do not overlook the tiniest of details, from spacing, surface, interconnection, and general steps. 

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Fire safety is one of the most important measures to take in your home and space. There are plenty of steps to take in the stages of prevention, preparation, and during. Smoke alarms tackles and affects all three stages, and it doesn’t stop with mere installation.


Brisbane Electrician carries the necessary experience and knowledge to secure your fire safety measures. More specifically, our smoke alarm services are executed by professionals with no details missed and overlooked — your safety is our priority. 


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Brisbane Smoke Alarm Maintenance

As previously mentioned, installation is not the only step to take. After taking that vital action, smoke alarm maintenance comes in. Based on CFA statistics, a stooping 45% of properties have smoke alarms, and 31% of these weren’t functioning. 

With maintenance, it involves a checklist that cannot be deviated from. Our professionals understand the importance behind sticking to the list and adjusting accordingly. Smoke alarm maintenance includes beeping, dusting, battery changes, and keeping track of its lifespan. Apart from these usual measures, we will run the extra mile and check for unexpected errors and faults. 

Your own home may have its own smoke alarm, but cannot carry out its purpose. Allow Brisbane Electrician to maintain your fire safety in the comfort of your home. 

What Is The Smoke Alarm Installation Price in Brisbane?

Undoubtedly, maintenance and repair cannot occur without the installation of the smoke alarm itself. One smoke alarm in a property is simply not enough. 


The CFA and Brisbane Electrician recommend that one is installed in every common area and bedroom. Most importantly, a rule of thumb is an alarm on each level of the property. Fires can start anywhere, it does not choose a time and place. 


Brisbane Electrician follows recommendations that better your safety. Installation is about interconnection, appropriate spacing, proper surface, and the overall steps to installing the alarms. 


When it comes to the smoke alarm installation price, it may vary from provider to provider such as an hourly rate or a flat rate. Additionally, it depends on your property. For a quotation with Brisbane Electrician, you may contact us today. 

Smoke Alarm Testing Services Brisbane

Tying to regular maintenance, it revolves around proper testing of all your installed smoke alarms. As fires can start anywhere and anytime, it is best to secure its functions frequently. To be specific, the ideal maintenance and testing of your alarms should be conducted monthly. 


Brisbane Electrician is dedicated towards doing it the right way and all in a professional manner. Smoke alarm testing services hold many rules and restriction. These services should be executed according to the manufacturer’s instructions, by using the proper buttons, by ensuring everyone at the property is aware of the sound and the steps that follow, and more. 


Installation, maintenance, and testing can be initiated by the property agent, landlord or tenant. However, installation must be carried out by the landlord if the property is for rent. 


Contact Local Brisbane Electrician for your necessary smoke alarm services. Get a quotation and prioritise your safety!


The mere act of smoke alarm installation places you and your family in a stage of secured safety. Local Brisbane. Electricians understands the severity of fire safety in every single property.